Recommended books

These are some books I strongly recommend. Some of them are classics; other not so known.

  • Address unknown (Kressman Taylor)
  • The verb´s persons (Jaime Gil de Biedma)
  • Book of embraces (Eduardo Galeano) (And any other from him)
  • What is the name of this book?: The riddle of Dracula and other logical puzzles (Raymond Smullyan __magician and mathematical)
  • The failed intelligence (José A. Marina)
  • Travels of Ali Bey in Morocco (Alí Bey)
  • Postcard from a stranger (Stephan Zweig)
  • El móvil (Javier Cercas)
  • Emotional ecology (Mercè Conangla/ Jaume Soler)
  • Silk (Alessandro Baricco)
  • Fifteen lines (Círculo cultural Faroni)
  • The universe in a nutshell (Stephen Hawking)
  • Portrait of a lady (Henry James)
  • The perfume (Patrick Süskind)
  • Una mujer justa (Sándor Marai)
  • Without feathers (Woody Allen)
  • An spy called Sara (Bernardo Atxaga)
  • Tales (Edgar Allan Poe — When things are well-explained, never get out of fashion!)
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